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I assist in all 50 states and will represent you there if needed.  Tested and approved by the Social Security Administration to represent you!We receive no fee unless you win your appeal then Social Security pays us directly. Call today for a FREE consultation.
Certified Disability Representative.

Tested by SSA and approved

Which would you rather receive? In fact, I got one of these in the mail last Friday! Contact Disability Representatives LLC at 251-607-0425 for your FREE, consult. Remember, if you are not found disabled, you pay no fee.  I can usually tell within a few minutes if one qualifies for SSA disability.
I have worked as a Decision Writer/ Adjudication Officer, and Hearing analyst in three offices and at the Payment Center for almost 30 years and am now on my own as a private citizen representative and assisting people who are disabled and applying for Social Security benefits.    There are very few disability sthat are retired from these positions which gives me a unique upper hand in representing people.
If you over 50 or over, you may not have to wait as long to get Social Security Disability.  Many people who suffer from impairment or illnesses assume that the procedure is too long for the small amount paid.  If you are disabled, you may get paid all allowances to the date you are determined to be unable to work.
The case can be expedited if warranted. If a claimant has a financial hardship, he or she may have their case moved quickly.
Even if an individual has never worked they should apply.  You may be entitled on your parents' earnings.  Your children may as well.  Also, there is Supplemental Security Income based on disability and need.
Degenerative disc disease? Depression? Fibromyalgia? Arthritis? back pain? Obesity? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?  Heart disease? Seizures? Grand mal and Petite Mal? These are a few disabling impairments.
 As your representative, I will appear before an Administrative Law Judge with you to represent you as a disabled individual.  In some cases you may not have to appear at all.  I will use all of my experience to obtain necessary evidence and guide you through the process, and hopefully win your case.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from referrals. I have worked in Hearing offices all over the Southeast.
Different parts of the country have higher incidences of certain impairments causing debilitation such as arthritis and diabetes mellitus, possible related to obesity.
Frequently asked questions are as follows:
Can you work and be on disability? Yes, you may qualify for a trial work attempt, failed work attempt, or earn under a certain amount.  Do you have to be a certain age for disability? No, but the closer to 50 years of age the more likely you will get paid on a physical impairment, but not always. I have seen 21 year olds get paid on their parents' Social Security.  Can I be disabled due to a mental impairment? Of course, A mental problem can be just as severe as a physical problem.
Did you have to pay into Social Security to receive disability benefits? Yes, 5 out of the last 10 years.  What fee do you charge to represent me in a ? 25 percent of back pay or $6,000 which ever is less.  How long does it take to get a hearing before a judge? It varies, but it can be expedited if a financial hardship exists.
Can my children be awarded disability? Yes, but it is called Supplemental Security Income based disability and financial hardship. 
I Retired from ODAR/OHA/SSA with 30 years government service. I have written, advised, and consulted the Administrative Law Judges in three states.  If you cannot work due to a disability, contact me.
Furthermore, If you feel you have gotten the runaround, I will write your Congressman.
Whether you go with our company or not, make sure you get someone that knows the program.
Mobile Alabama (will work in all 50 states).
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.  If you cannot work due to a disability, contact me.
Mobile Alabama
My site is also viewable on google, face book, and yahoo!
I have worked in many offices at SSA'S Office of Disability and Review.

Comments or questions? Please feel free to contact me by signing the guest book, emailing me at juptain1836@hotmail.com or juptain1836@disabilityreps.net or calling the above cited number.
High blood pressure and heart disease can be very disabling impairmentsHeart Disease is a common impairment among Social Security disability recipients.
Do not think back pain is not a qualifier.
Especially if you are over 49 1/2 years of age with a orthopedic condition or a condition that affects your lifting, carrying, standing or walking, call me. I might be able to hurry the case along.
y, breast cancer is on the rise. If you are still working, and are there where the employer is making concessions because of your disability, you may qualify for a Sheltered Workshop.
Diabetes mellitus and it's secondary impairments such as retinopathy and neuropathy can be devastating.  
 Diabetes  Mellitus? Degenerative Disc Disease? Heart disease? Hypertension?
Everyone needs a helping had every now and then. It is insurance that you paid into, Use it!

Everybody needs some help every now and then!.
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Help when it is needed! 
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Attention: Veterans welcome as I am a Vet myself!

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